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Relocation advice - other practicalities

  • Bank accounts

    • Information on opening a bank account can be found here on the website

  • Communications

    • Internet: either via telephone line (ADSL/broadband e.g. from BT), or cable

    • Telephone connections are available via standard telephone lines or (often as part of a TV-internet-telephone bundle) cable television lines.

    • Mobile telephones: example supplier

  • Driving

    • See this link for information on driving using an international driving licence in the UK

    • Details of MOT (annual vehicle inspection), insurance, road tax and other driving requirements can be found here

    • Parking information can be found here on the Surrey County Council website

  • Employment

  • Healthcare

    • For details of local NHS (state) doctors see here

    • Private healthcare providers include BUPA and AXA-PPP

    • Details of eligibility for NHS free hospital treatment can be found on the Department of Health website

  • Personal taxes

    • See here for information on the website

    • Details of accountants who can help with personal annual tax returns can be found on the ICAEW website

  • Property insurance

  • Property maintenance

    • If renting a property, maintenance is usually the responsibility of the property owner

    • In the case of ownership of a flat in a block, external maintenance is usually organised by a management company (which may be owned by the property owners) and the costs shared between the owners

    • Otherwise owned property maintenance is the responsibility of the owner. includes details of builders and other property tradespeople

  • Property taxes

    • Council tax is collected by the applicable district council, and made up of district, county and police charge elements

    • More details can be found on the applicable district council website

  • Television

    • A television licence is usually mandatory if you have a means of watching television - see here

    • Cable television is available through Virgin Media

    • Satellite television is available through Sky

  • Utilities

    • Electricity and gas: deregulated (competitive) markets - see here for suppliers

    • Water: this map is a good starting point for identifying your supplier - Thames Water provides sewerage services for most of Surrey, and fresh water supply for some areas

  • Visa

    • See the Home Office website for information on obtaining a work visa (if required)

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